[Noisebridge-jobs] Contract: Frontend developer, HTML + CSS, Jan 15th - Feb 01

Nina Alter nina at getsatisfaction.com
Fri Jan 1 14:47:57 PST 2010

Hey Folks- I'm looking for a contract frontend developer, for a project
spanning the dates in the subject line. The company is getsatisfaction.com,
and we're in South Park just off of 3rd.

I'm the IA on the project, and the basic architecture is mostly established,
now- with all design & copy assets final, on the 15th. Our site's backend is
done with Ruby, and we're migrating to Engine Yard this weekend... so, not
the best time to check out the site.

The project is a re-design of the full unauthenticated side of the site, so
it's pretty straight-forward stuff. The developer will be working in tandem
with me, and one of the ops engineers. The project is mostly HTML and CSS,
with some Javascript (that will be sparse and possible to be coded by others
on the team).

Longer-term we are looking for a permanent lead front-end engineer, with mad
Javascript ninja skills & a strong enthusiasm for rich webapp interface
building. We're covered on the design & the backend-engineering fronts, but
need the right person to help lead the front-end development efforts.

Please contact me thru this email, for referrals or direct inquiries.
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