[Noisebridge-jobs] THREE JOBS OPEN AT Curate.Us--UI Designer, Javascript Engineer, PHP Developer

Vander Waerdt Paul A. strategicsolutions at me.com
Tue Nov 9 20:06:03 PST 2010

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Working at Curate.Us
Curate.Us is an early-stage start-up that creates tools for bloggers, publishers, and end users that make it easy to clip and repost content and quotes with attribution and back links. We’re growing a community of avid bloggers, professional publishers, and end users who see the value of beautifully rendered, visual clips and formatted quotes to share compelling content with their friends and followers. Original content producers get more distribution with full tracking of where their content is going, how many views that content is generating, and how many additional clicks those views generate. Bloggers, journalists, and end users now have an easy way to share compelling content in the context of their own blog, personal or professional e-mails, and other community environments.

The Curate.Us office is located in the NoPa (North of the Panhandle) district of San Francisco, which is served by several bus lines (limited street parking is available). The neighborhood has many excellent cafes, restaurants, and shops. The office features a full kitchen, which is well stocked with food, snacks, and homemade meals on a weekly basis. There is also a full bathroom with a shower. The atmosphere is friendly and laid-back. In addition to cable television, ample entertainment is provided by George the Office Dog, a goofy black Labrador/Great Dane mix. There are currently 6 full-time regular employees and one part-time employee. Regular employees receive 15 days of PTO per year, 2 personal days, the standard holidays, and are eligible for health insurance. The Curate.Us work day begins at 10 a.m. PT.

UI Designer:
You can design interfaces that are functional attractive and intuitive. Prior experience with web-based, ajax drive interfaces essential. This project presents some engineering challenges that will require critical thinking and problem-solving abilities beyond the typical web 2.0 social application. The project will involve the full design process from wireframes to completed assets working with engineering at all stages. Contract. Start ASAP.

Pre-qualification: Your portfolio

Javascript Engineer:
You live and breathe jQuery. You can explain what’s good (and bad) about html 5. You know the difference between browser chrome and chrome browser. You know why canvas can only be used to capture screen content at the chrome level in Mozilla. You can write code that will co-exist on customer's web sites without breaking things. Bonus: we won’t make you support IE6. Contract. Start ASAP.

Pre-qualification: Explain when to use .click(eventHandler(e)) and when to use .live(‘click’,eventHandler)

PHP Developer:
You can write php that’s maintainable, scalable, and secure (yes, it is possible). You are comfortable working with the usual suspects (MySQL, memcache, etc.), and you know, and can explain, when to cache and when not to. You’ve written php code that runs in production in a load-balanced environment. You can explain what an XSS attack is and how to avoid it. Contract. Start ASAP.

Pre-qualification: Debug the following code-



If this sounds like you, please send us your resume and let us know what you can do for us and why you'd be a great fit: jobs at freerangecontent.com

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