[Noisebridge-jobs] Looking for Senior Developer: Ruby on Rails

Katharine Krauss katie at critpath.org
Tue Aug 2 10:19:34 PDT 2011

All Together Now

Senior Developer: Ruby on Rails

We are a small, funded startup based in Santa Cruz, CA providing a SaaS solution
for web development agencies. We are looking for a full-time technical lead
developer who can wear a variety of hats, and grow into a deeper level of

This position is contract-to-hire. Telecommuting is okay, but please be close
enough to Santa Cruz to meet with us once a week or so.

Our initial offering is a web application, but we plan to add mobile interfaces and
expose our API fairly soon after our initial (private) Beta. The ideal candidate looks
something like this:

• You enjoy solving problems, building things that work really well, and have a
talent for designing highly maintainable code and APIs;

• You have a strong background in Ruby and Rails, and can explain its
strengths and weaknesses;

• You have a strong understanding of web and application performance,
including algorithm design and selection, caching, database performance,
monitoring, and how to ensure high availability of a web-based platform;

• You are experienced with deployment, scaling, and redundancy in a cloud
environment such as Amazon or Rackspace;

• You can explain the strengths and weaknesses of PostgreSQL versus MySQL;

• You can design and develop a clean, well-structured JSON and/or XML API
and manage versioning through its lifecycle;

• You have a strong understanding of Service Oriented Architecture, and how
to decompose a system for maximum benefit;

• You are comfortable with Agile development methodologies and test-first
development, and have the discipline to stick to these when the going gets

• Preferably, you can write Java and/or C++ code, and can explain when to
use one of these languages vs. a more dynamic one.

• It'd also be nice if you can point to a GitHub project you created/contribute
to, a strong StackOverflow reputation, or can show us something on the web
that you created and of which you are proud.

Highly valued:

• An ambitious, intelligent, self-starter.
• Interest in being part of a start-up
• Passion
• Kindness
• A sense of humor
• Honesty
• Deep care about users and the user experience
• Ability to admit when wrong
• Ability to deliver bad news
• Patience with other people
• Impatience with technology

In Addition:
We offer a competitive salary, a financial stake in the company, and the opportunity
to become a co-founder. You can work at home or with us in our Santa Cruz coworkspace.
This role can evolve depending on the skills, experience and
professional interests of the candidate.

Us: New Bay Area company with respectful, rational, peers. We are as dedicated to
building a great culture as we are to building a great product.

To apply: Send a resume, writing sample, and examples of your work to:
lauren at getalltogethernow.com

All Together Now is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants are
considered without regard to gender, age, race, sexual orientation, color, religion,
national origin, disability, ancestry, marital or veteran status. No tools, please.
We want people who can be excellent to each other.

Follow us on twitter: @_atn or visit our 5 minute old website: www.getalltogethernow.com
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