[Noisebridge-jobs] Help with IceCast radio stream for mutinous former members of Pirate Cat Radio

Pirata Margarita piratamargarita at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 14:57:13 PDT 2011

Hey Everyone,
I work at Mutiny Radio (previously Pirate Cat Radio, not longer run by
Monkey) and need some help with our stream server.
Our friend Naomi who used to be involved with Noisebridge set us up with a
linux server running DarkIce. Unfortunately I do not know how to
troubleshoot it when things go wrong.
I'm looking to hire some help getting the stream back online after a power
outtage yesterday threw things out of whack. I don't think it's too
complicated, I suspect it's only a disconnect between IceCast and DarkIce.
This is a pretty urgent need for us since we just launched our new name this
week and have been getting some nice attention for it...just in time for our
stream to go silent.
Please email or call if you can help 510-260-9144
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