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Dear Noisebridgers!

What a year it's been!  I remember spending about nine hours in the lab, at times sitting in classes having my curiosities 
met with answers, support and an open mind.  I owe some credit to the friends of the community for bringing me into the fold of information architecture, RoR and the basic principles of software development!  Thank you!

As we begin looking at places to call home, it's my hope to create a space that marry the principles exemplified by the NB community in order to foster a holistic community of makers and doers in the Downtown Los Angeles Area. 

Here we are, six months later with a small column in Fast Company and some of the most beautiful products for anyone who wants to begin collecting vinyl records.  We even have items that deepen the most devout to the past time and have our work cut out for us to continue to deliver meaningful user experiences!  

We could still use the help of one more front end developer to join our team as we gear up for our "Dig Announcement!" 

Vnylst isn't some culturally insensitive venture that's planning on being sold to a VC.  As the founder and UX designer, I'm proud to support those who still revere the format as I am charged to solving a problem.  I'm also confident that the community will respond positively to our self-starter platform, where they pick up the coolest products to back our development effort. 

With only a few weeks left to launch, we're looking to bring one more front end developer to our team of four part timers to assist mostly with styling and making the experience truly captivating.  

Someone who's passionate about music, the vinyl record format and solving problems with beautiful user interface design is welcomed to get in touch.  If you know what instrument John Bonam plays, then you're one step closer everyone else.  

Of course you command CSS/3, SASS, html5 and responsive web design.  If you're avid about Backbone.JS within a RoR and HAML stack, and all of this vibes with you, I'd love to connect.  Aside from your proficiencies, you bring a solution driven approach to your teams and thrive from positive interactions!  FYI, our entire team is located in the Bay Area and is accessible to pair up and answer questions within our Trello / Git project spaces.

It is a honor and privilege to have a brand that people are excited to call their own.  With our app to launch, we hope to give people the tools they need to retro-evolutionize the vinyl record experience that endow artists, revive record stores and give those who love music a more memorable experience. 

Thanks for getting back in touch; can't wait to see you all next year! 

P.S. Pinch Luther for me.  He owes me a beer and a bbq rib meal: )



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