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We're looking for a paid coding/hardware intern in the LA area, or in
SF if you're great at working remotely. FYI, ThingM is a virtual
company--I live in SF, Tod E. Kurt lives in Pasadena; he's the CTO, so
interns report to him. We prefer to have in-person collaboration on
hardware, but are willing to consider remote collaboration in the
right circumstances.

Here's the basic description:

"We are looking for someone with strong technical skills and the
desire to put them to practical use helping us make our products
better, more interesting and more efficient. We need someone who can
take an idea and run with it, writing great, readable, maintainable
Java and C. Atmel AVR microcontroller experience a big plus, but not
required if you have other awesome skills."

More on our blog:


Since we're so small, this is a great opportunity for a great hacker
to get their ideas/designs/code into a shipping product by the end of
the year. Seriously, rather than making test rigs and running thermal
tests, here's an opportunity to make a shipping Open Source Hardware
product THIS YEAR. And get paid for it. We're happy to work with
university internship programs to help students get credit for it,

Please pass this around and have folks send resumes to
info at thingm.com. Or to me, but info@ is the whole tiny company, so
that's actually better for parallel processing reasons.

Thank you!

Mike Kuniavsky
mikek at thingm.com


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