[Noisebridge-jobs] Teaching Electromechanics at the Crucible

Lee Sonko leelist at lee.org
Tue May 29 03:18:27 PDT 2012

Several teacher scheduling conflicts conflated to put a hole in the
Crucible's summer schedule. We're looking for a teacher for our
"Electromechanics for Everything " class for 2 evening classes in
June, Wednesday June 20 and June 27. There is a teacher for the first 3
classes (and support for you).  If you might be able to, or you know
someone who might, give me a ring.

Here's the class description to give you an idea...

Electromechanics for Everything
Using the simplest of electronic and mechanical components, learn to make
things spin, twitch, jump, bend and wiggle. This class covers switches,
buttons, relays, motors, servos and solenoids, along with some basic analog
and digital control circuits, AC/DC current and safety. You can apply the
techniques taught in this class to almost any kind of project.
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