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Nick Shapiro me at nickshapiro.net
Mon Apr 8 22:28:15 UTC 2013

Hi there!

We're Game Craftsmen, a small game studio experiencing rapid growth; and
we're hiring a game producer to take charge of the content pipeline for our
first game, Mecha Galaxy.


   - Manage artists around the world to keep a pipeline of fresh art
   flowing into the game.

   - Release new content on a regular basis. (Weapons, Mechs, Missions,
   Stories, Contests, Tournaments, etc) (Releasing a weapon, for example,
   includes choosing the artwork, setting the stats, naming it, writing the
   text, setting the price, and announcing it to the players)

   - Help manage A/B testing inside the game. Suggest new tests and measure

   - Create marketing emails and Facebook posts.

   - Collaborate with the team on new game features and help chart the
   course of the game.

   - Manage the player "reporter pool" creating user generated game
   stories. Approve, edit, and payout player reporters.

   - Write.

Must have:

   - Must be fanatical about game stats. Able to geek for hours about the
   difference between 5% crit kill vs 10% 3X damage vs 20% 2X damage.

   - Must be a great writer.

   - Must be patient, and show a positive attitude to impatient negative
   players. (It's only the Internet)

   - Able to display a positive but firm attitude to offsite contractors.

Nice to have:

   - Knowledge of SQL queries.

   - We can teach you how to code, if you're into that.

   - Experience with games.

   - Experience with web production and A/B testing.

   - Experience with marketing.

Game Craftsmen Crafts Games. Our first game, Mecha Galaxy, launched August
2012 in partnership with the SyFy channel. Since then it has bootstrapped
it's way to $100K in sales, and growing. We're passionate about game
balance and user experience. Think you've got what it takes? Send an email
and resume to jobs at gamecraftsmen.com

Position is on site, downtown San Francisco.
This will start as a part time paid position, with room for growth.
Hours are somewhat flexible. You'll have some freedom in setting your
weekly schedule, but once your schedule is set, you'll spend those hours in
our office downtown.
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