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Scotty Allen scotty at scottyallen.com
Sat Aug 10 00:44:49 UTC 2013

Thought this might be of interest to NB folks

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Subject: [dorkbotsf-blabber] Fwd: Hello from Jim Campbell/White Light Inc.
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hi megan + dorkbot

im forwarding this on to dorkbot and srl lists

anyone want to work on cool electronic art?

good luck!  -km

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From: "Megan Gorham" <megan at jimcampbell.tv>
Date: August 9, 2013 9:51:03 AM PDT
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Subject: Hello from Jim Campbell/White Light Inc.

Hi Ms. Marcelo,

My name is Megan Gorham and I’m contacting you on the behalf of the
studio of Jim Campbell. We’re currently looking for an electronic
technician to join the studio team and Jim was hoping that you could
help us spread the word. I’ve included the job description below along
with my contact information for anyone who may be interested. Please
feel free to contact me via email at megan at jimcampbell.tv or by phone
at 415-626-2617 if you have any questions and thanks so much for any
help you can provide!

Megan Gorham

Electronic Technician for Electronics Artist

Hours:              32 - 40 hours per week (4 – 5 days)
Location:         3rd Street, San Francisco (Dogpatch)
Compensation to reflect experience

Job Description:
The Studio of Jim Campbell – is seeking an organized, self-directed
individual to assist with the construction of custom electronic
artworks.  This position offers the opportunity to work in the field
of electronic art with cutting edge technology in video, interactive
electronics, & LED displays.  Prior experience with electronic
circuitry is a must, as is the ability to work with a small production

Ideal candidate will possess the following skills:
*Troubleshooting basic electronic circuits using an oscilloscope,
soldering, etc.
*Basic prototype fabrication (drill press, bench sander, power tools, etc.)
*Researching, ordering parts, reading schematics, creating technical drawings
*Some understanding of video technology
*Can speak Digikey, Mouser, McMaster, etc.

To Apply:
Please email a cover letter and resume to Megan Gorham, megan at jimcampbell.tv

Megan Gorham, Studio Manager
White Light, Inc - The Studio of Jim Campbell
megan at jimcampbell.tv

Studio:  2565 Third Street #314, San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone:  415-626-2617
Fax:  415-626-2618

Billing:  1161 De Haro Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone:  415-824-4469
Fax:  415-285-7299


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