[Noisebridge-jobs] $2000 reward -- Java/Ruby application configuration

Andreas vonhessling at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 18:48:51 UTC 2013

I'm looking for someone who can help me configure and setup an existing web
scraping application.  This person will need the ability to read and debug
Java (Ruby) code; some experience with AWS; and the ability to configure a
system that essentially is lacking documentation. This is a short term
opportunity. The reward is dependent on the success of making the system
work reliably again.  It has been working in December and just needs some
tuning and documentation.

The technologies involved in the project are the following.
git (git-flow), java, ruby/rails, node.js, mysql, redis, aws-ec2, aws-s3,
rackspace, ant, apache, javascript, ubuntu.

For someone with experience in these technologies, determination and
availability in the short-term this should be easy money.  I will help with
the effort.  If the collaboration works out nicely this can lead to a
long-term engagement.

Please email me your resume and your earliest availability to meet in SF
this week.

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