[Noisebridge-jobs] [Hiring] Full-time Software Engineering Lead for 6 month contract

Erhan Justice justice at apozy.com
Fri Oct 4 23:00:13 UTC 2013

We're a seed based start-up in San Francisco, California developing gamified security simulations that model and predict information security risk within an enterprise. It's just my co-founder and I hacking away in coffee shops around the city, but we plan on scaling the team out to two more engineers within the next few months before securing more funding. Our product is built on a unique node stack that supports real-time collaboration. Right now we have a working prototype, but we need to build out the product to convert and meet the needs of our pilot customers. Being our first hire means you will be instrumental in our success and your creativity will be highly influential. It's also a great opportunity to learn how early stage start-ups scale. We'd love if you could drink lots of coffee and join our hacking adventures.

About the Role:

We're looking for lead programmer capable of translating abstract security concepts into fun and engaging game simulations. You will help us design, architect, and scale our existing prototype into a more mature product.


A node ninja well versed in the concepts of operational transformation and good taste in visual aesthetics would be an ideal fit. Know your entire stack well, but be sensible enough to translate abstract concepts into simple and elegant user interactions.

A machine-learning hobbyist with enough back-in-the-day C++ to refresh yourself and occasionally contribute to server side services.

A hacker in your former life, or at least a groupie. Going to Defcon once counts.

A retired gamer. You need to know what constitutes a fun and engaging game without things getting hokey. I believe that sense comes from having played and experienced a variety of games. We are building simulation games, not whack-a-mole for your iPhone.

Please send me an email to justice [at] apozy.com with your resume and bit about yourself. Cheers!
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