[Rack] default gw doesn't work

Ian Atha thatha at thatha.org
Mon Mar 1 18:39:53 PST 2010

- ops (defunct)

Rubin: jof fixed it. Thank you for promptness and willingness.

Is dhcpd running on s1?

>> Although pony can ping that IP, no wireless client can. I don't know
>> what that IP is and it looks like SSH is the only open port on it.
>> Since wireless clients can't talk to it, wireless client have no
>> connectivity.
> Gah! I've got no idea why wireless clients can't reach this IP. Is it
> just that they can't ping, or they can't resolve ARP as well?

I plugged in a laptop onto the switch labeled "Noisebridge Network".
It couldn't get to gorilla over ethernet, either.

ARP does get resolved.

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