[Rack] default gw doesn't work

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Mon Mar 1 18:45:11 PST 2010

Excerpts from Ian Atha's message of Mon Mar 01 18:39:53 -0800 2010:
> - ops (defunct)

Indeed. rack@ for better transparency.
> Rubin: jof fixed it. Thank you for promptness and willingness.
> Is dhcpd running on s1?

dhcpd runs on r00ter.
> I plugged in a laptop onto the switch labeled "Noisebridge Network".
> It couldn't get to gorilla over ethernet, either.

Hook up to the Dell switch under that. Any free ports should be on the
"inside" network VLAN (1), and is where most stuff uplinks to.
I've seen a smaller switch on Susan the Rack labeled "Noisebridge
Network", but it's not clear where it connects to.
> ARP does get resolved.
> From my laptop:
> ? ( at 0:0:24:c0:fd:48 on en1 [ethernet]
> From pony:
> ? ( at 00:00:24:c0:fd:48 [ether] on eth1

I can't seem to reproduce this issue. Hopefully I'll get a chance to
capture it happening in person some time.


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