[Rack] DSL modem moved, dhcpd updated on r00ter

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Mon Oct 11 21:03:55 PDT 2010

So the DSL modem lost link back to Sonic (no DSL light). I'm guessing
that r00ter did a fallback to Monkeybrains, but it seems like dnsmasq
for whatever reason only wanted to talk over the sonic link, so our
default DNS server of DHCP,, was failing. I shoved the phone
cable back into its plug and it started to get link again.

I've moved the DSL modem into the rack, top shelf, phone over port 1 on
the patch panel, fuck yeah. I've dressed the cable and whatnot that's
coming through the window better, so it's not in the fucking foot path
to the tea (pot) room on the ground. Fuck people.

Updated dhcpd on r00ter to include along with, just
in case. Could we please keep it this way?

Rubin Abdi
rubin at starset.net

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