[Rack] [Noisebridge-discuss] Rob sleeping at Noisebridge - Zero tolerance for sleep time in the space

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Wed Aug 31 12:16:01 PDT 2011

Does anyone know what's running on that new rack?

I'm afraid I somewhat pre-emptively unplugged it from the network until we
have a better idea. I left a note for whoever is running stuff there to talk
to rack at lists.noisebridge.net. If everything breaks, let me know and I'll
plug it back in.


On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 9:43 AM, rachel lyra hospodar
<rachelyra at gmail.com>wrote:

> I interacted previously with a tall white guy named rob who seems to fit
> your description.
> I was over by the fire escape and noticed one of the shelving units had
> been moved to accommodate our newest server rack - moved in such a way that
> it was now leaning drunkenly and coming apart. That quiet bike riding guy
> was back there and I asked if he knew who moved it. It was rob! Rob was in
> the space! I asked him to show me rob, then I asked rob to come look at the
> shelf with me. He came over but started looking out the window and ignoring
> me. I got his attention again and showed him the shelf. He didn't seem to
> care, although he implicated quiet bike riding guy's involvement in moving
> it. I showed them both an example shelf that wasn't coming apart.
> Quiet bike riding guy started fixing it (after suggesting I be nicer). It
> is certainly fixed now.
> That's my story about rob. I wasn't the most polite person to him, I
> suspect you weren't either rubin, but overall my impression of him was that
> he didn't give a shit what I had to say anyway.
> Generally I am open to throwing in my in-person voice to helping people
> feel the weight of the community's opinion, but after this experience I have
> no hope for rob to listen to me.
> R.
> mediumreality.com
> On Aug 28, 2011 6:55 PM, "Rubin Abdi" <rubin at starset.net> wrote:
> > Some time mid week I was by Noisebridge and noticed a guy sleeping in a
> > chair in front of the electronics bench computer. I politely woke him
> > up, told him that we've had a problem with people sleeping in the space
> > and would appreciate it if he didn't sleep here and went home if sleep
> > was what he needed, so that others in the space wouldn't actually yell
> > yell at him. He said sure and continued working on the machine there,
> > and I left for home.
> >
> > Today this person was again at the electronics bench computer. After
> > about an hour of hanging out here Andy and I observed him asleep again.
> > We woke him up, asked him his name (Rob) and to please not sleep in the
> > space as that's not we're about. Andy then asked him to leave with him
> > (as he was on his way out), Rob said that he had some work to do on that
> > machine and do something to some books in the library. We said ok and
> > asked him to not sleep there anymore and to please go home after he's
> > done with his work, which is to restore that computer to running Linux
> > again because someone else named Rob(?) formatted it.
> >
> > Andy and I then proceeded to have a debate about building a web page
> > like you're some teen linux bunk from 1994 versus using Wordpress in
> > front of the bike racks. During this time Rob fell back asleep. I bid
> > Andy a fare well.
> >
> > Went to wake up Rob again. He was asleep to the point where he was
> > drooling on himself. I said, "Hey look we just asked you to please not
> > sleep here, asked you before when I caught you sleeping here a few days
> > ago, and now to please go home and get a good night's rest, and you're
> > asleep again, it's time for you to go home now" and that turned into a
> > very one way conversation. He told me he doesn't remember me asking him
> > any such things, and I wasn't excellent for waking him up again, talking
> > to him when he said he had work to do. I responded that being caught
> > sleeping in the space three times is a very unexcellent thing and again
> > it was time for him to go home. He said that what would be excellent for
> > me was to stop talking to him and go get him a cup of coffee so he could
> > finish his work. Told him that he can leave that machine alone and not
> > finish his work and leave, if anyone complained as such for him not
> > finishing his work he can place the blame entirely on me and I will talk
> > to them (Mike Kan for instances).
> >
> > Anyhow, more of that went on, to the point where I finally said he had 5
> > minutes to get done with whatever Russian Ubuntu install he had going
> > for that machine and then needed to leave. 10 minutes later he was still
> > giving me lip. I was fairly stern with him leaving, he said I should go
> > yell at the other people sleeping in the space on the couches not being
> > helpful like he was. I told him sleeping in front of a computer others
> > wanted to use and fix really wasn't helpful, and that I have a zero
> > tolerance policy for anyone sleeping here in the space. He stood up and
> > said that I should join the Good Police.
> >
> > He collected his things (two bags), made a phone call through the red
> > payphone, and left.
> >
> > I think it would be great if he could participate in the space more
> > awake and less asleep as I really appreciate people coming in here and
> > fixing computers and helping with the library. If you see him doing so
> > please thank him for being an awesome person. If you see him sleeping in
> > the space again please ask him to either actively participate awake or
> > to go home and sleep as it seems like he really really needs it. Might
> > be smart to also respond back to this thread. Rob is a tall white guy
> > with no facial hair.
> >
> > Rob, if you're seeing this thread, please do awesome stuff in the space,
> > but please don't sleep here! It's wayyy ruder than someone asking you to
> > not sleep here three times or leaving an Ubuntu install uncompleted!
> >
> > --
> > Rubin Abdi
> > rubin at starset.net
> >
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