[Rack] monkeybrains internet

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Thu Feb 3 20:18:25 PST 2011

Monkeybrains notes that our one year of donated service is up, and
they'd like us to start paying a discounted rate of $75 per month.

As far as I know, the service has been pretty good in terms of uptime
and latency, but also AFAIK, we're not using it much -- if at all --

Are we using the Monkeybrains link at all right now?

Is it worth paying for a second IP link for Noisebridge?  If so, is the
Monkeybrains offer the one we should go with?  (I'm paying not much more
for a very solid 22/7 DOCSIS business class link from Comcast, so there
is definitely competition.)


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