[Rack] Monkeybrains link: using and billing

Andy Isaacson adi at hexapodia.org
Tue May 3 17:29:10 PDT 2011

Monkeybrains has contacted me to note that 

1. we're currently not passing traffic over their link
2. we should pay them if we want to continue using their link.

Do we want to continue getting service from Monkeybrains?  Seems to me
we do.  But I don't know the status of routing traffic over their link.

AFAIK they can change the configuration of our link to do a standard IP
route rather than the funky NAT thing we were originally configured
with.  In fact I think they already did that, and we just have a normal
routeable IP on that link now.

And, assuming we want to keep the link, I'll forward the bill to our
wonderful treasurer for paying.


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