[Rack] new op on pony

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 14:59:44 PDT 2011

Steffan is a new op on pony. Please welcome him as he is most excellent.
Last Sunday he helped me worked out a possible reason why the opengate
script on pony isn't working to communicate with (the
strike-controlling panel): the sshpass utility's -fnq settings are breaking
the opengate script, perhaps due to pony's recent upgrade.  I took out the
-fnq options in a personal copy of the script (called bacngate ) and it
keys for me again.

Can an available sysop compare opengate and bacngate to confirm what I
think is going on here?

Also, there's a hw functionality implmented on for polling for
buzzer presses (forgot the pin#, MCT do you remember?). I would like to get
this running and available to work with on pony.

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