[Rack] Wall-O-Internet at Noisebridge

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Sun Sep 11 04:40:31 PDT 2011

After an outage today, a couple of us (Jof, Leif, Laura, Miloh and
myself) decided to make some changes here at Noisebridge. The outage was
caused by someone breathing wrong on a power strip which killed one of
the main switches. Trying to debug the state of the tubes was amazingly
hard, fucking rat's nest in there.

* We gutted Penisland, cleaned out the rack, pulled machines that didn't
seem to be doing anything
* All hardware that deals with getting the internet to the wifi has been
pulled out of the rack
* All internet hardware is now mounted to a white board above Penisland,
dubbed "Wall-O-Internet"
* Monkeybrains is now actually connected to something as oppose to not
* While running serial cables from the console board to various
machines, I some how pissed off the UPS and it no longer wants to power
on without giving an error, we're bypassing it so no battery backup
right now

The whole point of this is to separate internet for everyone's screwed
up rack hardware, it makes it harder for someone to accidentally
disconnect something important. Eventually I would like to either setup
a monitor to the console machine that display status on the network
(i.e. DHCP is broken, DNS is down, etc), or some sort of LED status
thing. I should also label things nicer on the whiteboard (i.e. what's
the internet, what deals with getting the internet into the space, and
what's wifi), but it's almost five in the fucking morning.

We pulled anything that wasn't labeled, didn't make sense, or was just
mounted extremely fucked up. There were two rouge wifi APs without any
labels, those have been pulled. One I think is for the whell chair, I
left a note on it to email the rack list about mounting it not janky if
it's actually used for something.

Jof is crimping a cross over cable to get internet to Pony and Stallion
right now, but the wifi is up and running. Kind of want to have DHCP
default to Monkeybrains but that might wait till later.

The area outside of Penisland is a mess, we'll come back tomorrow and
clean up.

rubin at starset.net

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