[Rack] how to open noisebridge door from computers

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Feb 7 17:30:34 PST 2012

hi everyone!

i'm sorry if i'm asking a question that's already been answered, but I am 
trying to figure out how to open the noisebridge door from a computer.

i installed that parallel port on minotaur a while ago, so the door could 
be buzzed open from computers again.

is it working?  I heard that it was not.  I tried
and it doesn't seem to do anything.

any idea why?  what is the status of that thing?

it is an excellent feature which makes it less likely that people will 
prop the door open, or hand out a pile of keys to the space, both of which 
are important to fighting entropy which has been eating away at the space 


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