[Rack] Intels Xeon plus tons of ultra320 drives

Carlos Ivan Sosa gnusosa at gnusosa.net
Tue May 1 22:12:17 PDT 2012


This is a continuation for my donations mail
I posted in noisebridge-discuss mailing list.

The meeting just ended, and everybody suggest me
mail the list, so here is the main message...

My employer is getting rid of 6 to 8 Xeon servers
rack'em and stack'em style, and also we have
tons of ultra 320 SCSI drives.
The question would be, how can the Rack people
make use of them? As a remainder, that this servers
are from 2006, so they're not so energy efficient.

If nothing happens this servers will disappear.

Best regards,

Carlos Sosa.

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