[Rack] noisebridge.net apache runaway

Ben Kochie ben at nerp.net
Mon Nov 5 11:55:16 UTC 2012

I've replaced the default apache handling module with apache2-mpm-itk. 
This is a threaded server module, it should reduce the memory use overall.


On Wed, 31 Oct 2012, Andy Isaacson wrote:

> The webserver on noisebridge.net was paging itself to death with a load
> average of 153 and was unable to serve the website.  I killed all the
> apache worker processes and things seem to be back to normal.  We didn't
> have a metrics graphing system installed, so there's not much I can do
> in the post-mortem.  I've installed munin so that we have somewhat more
> data in the future.
> The MaxClients parameter at 150 is probably too high for the 2GB of RAM
> we have allocated.  Looks like minimum "PSS" according to smem(1) is
> about 25 MB per apache worker, so I'm going to loewr MaxClients to 50 to
> leave some room for mysqld.
> -andy
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