[Rack] Port forwarding for Mode-S testing

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Wed Sep 5 22:41:33 UTC 2012

On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 3:36 PM, Jordan Hayes <jmhayes at j-o-r-d-a-n.com> wrote:
> Sorry to be a pest, but is there anyone on this list that knows how to and
> can set up NAT port forwarding at Noisebridge?  Thanks ...

I know how to do so, but haven't had a chance to take a look in a
couple days. You've asked the right place.

If you're interested and know how to do so, by all means, you should
be able to get an account to empower yourself to make changes.

I'll try and take a look tonight and see what's up.


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