[Rack] www.noisebridge wedge, me and SuperQ restarted it

Danny O'Brien danny at spesh.com
Tue Sep 11 17:31:35 UTC 2012

It wasn't clear what took it down -- the CPU load was 150 by the time I
magnaged to get on, and a munin process was taking up 98% of CPU, but
Apache was also pretty wedged.

I'm not necessarily giving munin the stink-eye here, but after trying to
shut it down various ways, I ended up apt-get remove'ing it. The
configuration files will still be there, I didn't apt-get purge, but
there was no documentation on rack about putting a munin process on www,
nor did I see anything in the motd. 

I feel that it's important to keep www running with a low number of
critical systems -- essentially www, ssh, the wiki, email, dns,  mailman
and its own backup systems. It's supposed to stay up all the time, and a
lot of things break if it doesn't.

Let's walk through what else is running on there now, how it got there,
whether we need it, and how to maintain it if we do need it. And we
should restart the MOTD changelog too.


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