[Rack] Howdy!

Kyle Evan Mitchell kyle at kemitchell.com
Sun Aug 4 01:51:11 UTC 2013

Greetings, gentle readers of rack@!

As the wiki page instructs, I have done, and come to introduce myself to
la gente de Noisebridge networking.

I hail from toastier climes—from the great city-enclave of Austin.
Fortune has brought me to the Bay, where I'll be making home beginning
next month. (Visiting at the moment to take the Bar exam and find a place.)

It has been great visiting the space, which is incredible. I'm a
software and Linux goon by initial persuasion, dabbling in bike
maintenance and cooking offline, but the prospect of some electronic
hardware to play with—not something I've had access to before—is looking
oh so potentially lethal to my cushy coding comfort zone.

Look forward to meeting more of y'all about and around. Hopefully I'll
make way to be a regular, though it'll probably have to be on the night
owl track, as I'll be commuting up and down the peninsula for career and

It would be great to have kemitchell at pony and opengate and all that
jazz. (GPG, SSH/DSA, adduser preferences at
noisebridge.net/wiki/user:kemitchell) Of course, I do wholeheartedly
promise to be excellent to all and sundry. Please let me know if
occasion arises to be helpful as well!


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