[Rack] new list request

johny radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 01:28:00 UTC 2013

Hello Rack

I would like to request a new Noisebridge mailing list. We are engaged 
in a very active email discussion, and it would be much easier to 
conduct our Noisebridge-related discussion with an email list.

The list name would be:
sound-hacks at lists.noisebridge.net

Purpose: I created a new recurring music hacking project at NB. So far, 
we've conducted a music instrument-hacking / circuit-bending weekend, 
and a concert of experimental music at Noisebridge on 1/20/2013. The 
concert was performed by noisebridgers, on handmade instruments they 
built. Instruments included an electric ukelele, a robot drummer, 
handmade cellos, bent circuits, software tone generators, coffee-can 
percussion, Frankenstein guitar/stylophone hack, a kick-driven wheel of 
bolts with an electromagnetic pickup, a motor-driven heat-sink 
windchime, and more.

Our next concert will be in 4 months, in May 2013. Music hacking at NB 
will continue.

the list owner should be me, johnyradio at gmail.com

-Johny Radio

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