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Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Jul 4 22:19:07 UTC 2013

I think minotaur has been doing a fine job for two years or so.  Any 
computer will eventually fail if its hard drive or RAM start to fuck up. 
I think the solution is to replace the failing component rather than start 
from scratch.

As for the holding the door buzzer on thing, i think that was a rare fluke 
(it must have crashed up while it was opening the door?) and i doubt it 
will ever happen again ever.  If it does, i will certainly install a 
diode, a resistor, and a capacitor at the place where the USB parallel 
port plugs into the door-open button of the intercom, and it will be a 
fail-safe in case the computer goes nuts.  But i doubt it is needed.

so i'll say again:  minotaur crashed a couple times.  Let's fix whatever 
caused it and move on.


On Thu, 4 Jul 2013, Jonathan Lassoff wrote:
> Yikes -- I really don't think minotaur is a great place to run this
> stuff, it's just what was handy.
> That box was only ever really meant to be a console and out-of-band
> server for network gear and computers in the space.
> What would you think about running baron and the gate API on a Raspberry Pi?
> Maybe another improvement we could make to the opening mechanism could
> be a watchdog on the parallel interface that will disconnect the host
> if it holds the gate open for too long. Maybe the Ethernet Arduino
> could make a good network interface for manipulating the "door open"
> state?
> Sounds to me like the lock plug isn't engaging the latch, or the latch
> is not present. The latter should be easy to test for. Just push open
> the gate. :p

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