[Rack] second keypad has been installed

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Mar 5 08:08:12 UTC 2013

as i promised i would, i have installed a second keypad at noisebridge, 
which is upstairs next to the door, right above the original intercom.

It is connected to minotaur on /dev/ttyS6 and runs at 300 baud, just like 
the payphone.

now we need a second instance of baron to support that keypad.  I am sure 
there will need to be some changes, because right now baron chooses its 
com port from baron.conf or something.

so probably baron should be called from the commandline with its serial 
port.  I assume its not a problem to share the parallel port, as there are 
other apps that can open the door.

If anyone has any questions for me write.  No i have not deleted the 
original door button yet.


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