[Rack] Introduction: request for an account on pony

Nick Twyman nick at conky.org
Sun Nov 17 04:19:05 UTC 2013

On 11/16/2013 06:37 PM, Andy Isaacson wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 11:53:01PM -0800, Nick Twyman wrote:
>> Following the advice on https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Pony I am
>> introducing myself to this list in the hope that someone here can
>> set up an account for bbfg at pony.
>> Wiki page is here: https://noisebridge.net/wiki/User:ByeByeFlyGuy
> Is Pony up and running?  Last I looked there was a machine labeled
> "pony" in the rack in the closet, but nothing was responding to the pony
> internal IP nor the external IP.
> Also, IIRC, "pony" got virtualized and the box labeled "pony" is
> actually stallion; and pony is just a VM running on that machine.
> If you're willing to resurrect the hardware and the VMs and get pony up
> and running again, then I'd definitely support you getting an account.
> :)
> I have a somewhat more powerful 1U at home that I could donate, but
> unfortunately it doesn't fit in the existing rack (it's 27" deep not
> counting room for cabling in the back).
> -andy
Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll work out what's actually there 
rather than just trusting the Wiki.

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