[Rack] Networking as of 2013-10-02

Jordan Hayes jmhayes at j-o-r-d-a-n.com
Sun Oct 6 13:47:55 UTC 2013

Omar --

> A bad network is like cancer, most people don't take
> the preliminary steps to prevent it, and it will just
> keep getting worse and worse until it's too late; unless it's
> stopped early enough.
> As regard to the Mode-S thingy, it was disconnected when we
> where trying to find the line for the MonkeyBrains antennae,
> and was lost in the mess if cords.

So wait, to stop this speading cancer, you ripped out (at least one, 
what else is down as a result?) working item and didn't keep track of 
what you were doing so that you could put working items back in their 
place when you were done?

> If you want you can go down the space and attempt to locate
> it, or send a good description of what exactly we'll be looking
> for and we'll see what we can do.

The receiver is on the roof, and a POE cable comes down through the 
access to the roof in the front corner where there's a kind of wooden 
ladder against the wall.  I believe that's where the POE injector is, 
and then as I recall, the unpowered network cable comes across the 
ceiling back to the "mess of cords" ...

So yes please, see what you can do.

Remind me to find something you care about and unplug it someday.  I'll 
be sure to "see what I can do" to help you out.


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