[Rack] Networking as of 2013-10-02

Omar Zouai ozouai.bavc at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 17:07:18 UTC 2013

I did consult the rack. Hence this current debate. Yes, when the network
went down, the r00ter was rebooted multiple times. And yes, I let it sit
for half an hour, both on and off. I did what was necessary to maintain a
internet connection at the time in the space, and came up with an idea on
how it can be improved.

Yes, I did read the damned wiki while trying to get the internet back
up(mobile data).

CF Card? After 4 unsuccessful boots, I opened r00ter up. There wasn't a
CompactFlash in it., the only thing remotely visible to it is the WiFi
chipset. Maybe this is a problem?

Correction, Networking is simple, but will get more and more complex; which
would be fine if all the equipment was "perfect", and did everything it was
supposed to do without errors and never failed.  But we don't live in a
perfect world, things will have errors, and equipment will go offline.
That's where the nightmare comes in.

I highly doubt watching the rack is good enough to prevent fuckery. If
someone was determined enough to do something stupid, they simply would
just go do it, without consulting the Wiki or Rack.
On Oct 7, 2013 3:53 AM, "Ben Kochie" <ben at nerp.net> wrote:

>>  The network at noisebridge is not a toy for you to play with.
>> Disclaimer: I actually agree that it would be much more convenient if the
>> network wasn't dramatically gutted when not necessary. I only point out the
>> following technicality.
>> This is "doacracy" at its best (and worst). Technically, it is a toy that
>> people could play with. It's a shame the play wasn't "playing nicely" with
>> the work already done (and previously working).
> Actually, the network is one of the few places that is not a toy to play
> with.  We (the rack list) keep an eye on things and try and keep the
> fuckery on the network to a minimum.
>  Glen
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