[Rack] Unauthorized edits to user page

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Sat Feb 1 05:52:01 UTC 2014

Hello Snail

I see on my noisebridge userpage some edits which i did not make, 
including a link to a jpg image (which is broken) and my real name. It 
appears that on January 30, you removed the broken link to the image 
file, and changed it to just my real name (which i never put on the 
page). Why did you do that?


This all happened on January 30, the same day you made many edits to 
many users' pages. I'm guessing you are


Why are you messing with my userpage?

Someone, maybe you or someone else, added a link to "Where to buy 
professional locker units"


The same IP address who added the "lockers" link also made several other 
edits to other wiki pages. Is that you too?


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