[Rack] Network updates

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Sun Mar 6 07:58:59 UTC 2016

Some updates...

With a ton of help, we've now got a NEMA box setup up on the roof, with
power. This box now contains a switch while is piping ethernet from
Monkeybrains into our floor.

There's now a really tiny weather shielded port hole on the side of the
ladder hatch going up to the roof which is running a couple stands of
ethernet for us. Sadly it's already packed full of cable.

Thanks to this new port hole coming into the space, we've been able to
re-route our cable a hell of a lot nicer. There is no longer cables coming
through the sunroofs or bundled up on the ceiling.

Pegasus now has it's own ip address and domain, pegasus.noisebridge.net .
We're still keeping 2169.noisebridge.net , which will go to the IP address
setup for the router and will be used for random port forwardings whenever
we need them and as a general directory of available web services for
outside use. Note that SSH to pegasus will now only respond over
pegasus.noisebridge.net .

We've cleaned up the Network wiki page. It's 100% current and up to date.

rubin at starset.net
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