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Content preview:  what were you doing when that happened? do you think it was
   the machine or you? it's possible he didn't completely resolve whatever problem
   it was having before. Crutcher Dunnavant wrote: > Well, the overlock needle
   snapped off while I was using it yesterday. But > everything else still works.
   > > On May 31, 2010 10:39 AM, "Rachel Lyra Hospodar" <rachel at fernworks.net>
   > wrote: > > He was using denim scraps from the trash and spent a minute
  talking to > me about the seams in the denim and how to feed them through
  (sometimes > the seams are too much for it, go VERY slowly and maybe pull
  from behind > a tiny bit). I told him about the eyelet and he laughed. The
   timing > gets knocked off whenever the machine goes through something crazy
   like > that. if it wasn't that eyelet, it was lots of aggressive sewing of
   > bulky seams or something. Basically the timing was totally screwed up.
  > That just means that all the little moving bits aren't meeting each > other
   at the right points in the cycle - so they can't engage and create > the
  stitch. Some of this may have been caused by attempts to fix it - > it is
  really tempting to fiddle with knobs and stuff when the machine's > not working
   right. > > > Rachel McConnell wrote: >> Awesome, thanks so much! I'll totally
   give you some $$ for it. Did the > ... > [...] 

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