[Sewing] Juki Overlock

Chris Murphy chrisnoisebridge at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 13:01:30 PDT 2011

Last week I used compressed air to cleaned the Juki, changed the oil,  
rethreaded it carefully because it had been misthreaded. It only has  
one needle installed and is threaded for the three thread overlock  
(not using the rear thread race). However, despite all of this, I  
couldn't get it to work properly. I admit that I don't know what I'm  
doing with this machine. It cuts the fabric and advances the fabric  
through the machine. The needle punches along the seam just fine. But  
no thread is being stitched. The thread imediately becomes unthreaded  
from the needle upon pressing the tredle.

Does the left side of the Juki, beneath the presser foot, need to be  
threaded? The diagram in the manual is extremely vague. It doesn't  
specify what kinds of overlock stitch need that part of the machine.  
My asumption was that that part didn't need to be threaded for a one  
needle configuration.

Also, the needle lubricant resevoir is empty and needs silicone lube,  
not sewing machine oil. Do we have any of that?

Finally, how should one orient and lay out the three threads prior to  
overlocking? Do they sort of trail to the rear of the presser foot?


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