[Sewing] Update on the home use sewing machines at NB

Silvana Lopez bravestarforlife at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 6 08:46:24 PDT 2012

Greetings fellow sewers. I've had a chance to look over three (3) of the home use sewing machines at NB.  Basically, they all need either a part or parts and maybe retiming. In the spirit of making things better for all who are interested in sewing or learning how to sew,Here are some suggestions I have...
Anyone know how to re-time a sewing machine and willing to do it?
Is there anyone who is willing to donate funds to get the missing parts? (I am willing to chip in and install the new parts)
Another thought is pulling donated funds and buying a good quality, mostly metal sewing machine or 2 off craigslist.  The price range is about $70-$85 for a good one.  I'm suggesting this because parts/re-timing of existing machines might be more expensive.
Another thought is having a fundraiser.
I'm totally open to your thoughts and suggestions.  
Do-mocracy is good.
Silvana (I usually have a 1940's style look)
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