[Sewing] Stripped needle arm on the Juki

Doc Pop yoyogenius at gmail.com
Fri May 10 19:17:25 UTC 2013

I finally picked up what I thought was our missing needle holding piece from Appparel City, plus a new screw, but I'm realizing now we aren't missing any pieces... The problem is more serious. 

The needle fits directly into the arm, the only thing that keeps it there is a tiny bolt. Unfortunately the threads on our Juki's needle arm are stripped. I believe the only thing we can do to get this machine working is replace the needle arm itself... And get another tiny screw, because this new one is probably messed up. 

Not sure how hard the arm is to replace, or if the cost of the piece "needle bar" seems to be around $12  http://shop.mobileweb.ebay.com/searchresults;PdsSession=8fde890f13e0a5aa8614ae44ffd319c5?kw=Ddl+5550+needle+bar&cmd=SREF&fads=All&call=All&sort=BestMatch&mfs=GOCLK&acimp=0&isNewKw=true

-Doctor Popular
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