[Sewing] Seeking Some Sewing/Soldering Support

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Mon May 12 00:47:03 UTC 2014

Hi there!

Other Rachel and I are launching a new project, and are producing a 
small beta-test-run of illuminated garments.

We are in full-steam production mode and are looking for one or two 
additional sets of hands. Best would be a person-of-all-trades but if 
you have any of the relevant skills and are interested in helping please 
ping me, we will take whatever we can get!

We need to do a bunch of soldering, it's pretty straightforward but 
previous soldering experience is best, and a craftsman like approach to 
the work is important for these consumer goods. For this we are planning 
to work at ace monster toys, but if you would like to take the pieces 
and work elsewhere we are open. This will happen wednesday-ish.

Then these soldered-up wiring harnesses will be installed into garments. 
  We have a production sew-er constructing the garments themselves, the 
person we are looking for now would need to run the occasional finishing 
seam but mostly would be sewing big beefy tacks etc just to install the 
parts. For this stage a person with basic hand sewing & machine sewing 
skills would be best. This will happen later this week and into the 
weekend if we get jammed up.  This can happen either at ace monster toys 
or at lolspace (or other workspace if needed) as needs determine. If 
location is an issue let us know and we can work something out.

Also if someone was able to silkscreen (we are less expert in this area 
so you'd have to know what you were doing) that would be cool.

Let me know what your skills and availability might be like this week! 
Please feel free to share with other individuals but not mass lists 
without checking with me first.

I am open to letting you set your rate, with the caveat that we will try 
to normalize across contractors as much as possible, and are hoping to 
pay craftsman wages and not technology consultant wages. This project 
hopefully will unfold into lots more future work for everyone involved, 
if so desired.


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