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Dear NoiseBridgers/NoiseHackers -

Supplemental to Johny's mail below, some of you may be interested in another event of the Outsound New Music Summit, an evening of computer music hackery called Vibration Hackers that I've the honor of curating in the festival, w special guests from computer music research centers CNMAT & CCRMA at Berkeley & Stanford.

Everybody will be doing digital synthesis with custom software instruments, with some video synthesis as well. 

Physical instrument hackers may find particularly interesting John Granzow of CCRMA, inventor of a customized mutant daxophone attachment fabrication system, whose output will also play a part in the evening.

On offer:

— Wild Twitter-driven son et lumière → #MAX  (Caitlin Denny, Nicole Ginelli, Dmitri Svistula (Димитрий Свистула))

— AI vs. AI musicbots & music grammars → Maxine & Maxxareddu, w keepers RitwikBanerji (ঋত্বিকব্যানার্জী) / Joe Lasqo + visual synthesis by Warren Stringer

— Exquisitely processed and spatialized depictions of madness and Russian Constructivist aesthetic theories → Fernando López-Lezcano & IlyaRostovtsev (ИльяРостовцев)

— Controller craziness which may include Wii-driven sound sculpture, digitized conch shells, advanced daxophonics, and who knows? w CCRMA Ensemble (Chris Chafe, John Granzow, Rob Hamilton)+ MYSTERY GUEST 

Write-up, images & details: here


Joe Lasqo

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Show calendar & news:
Regular booking: Viracocha, 21st & Valencia, SF, 3-6pm, Wednesdays

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Congrats to Noise Orchestra members Martin de Video, Ari "Kelp" Sousaphone, and Douglas Benner, for being invited to participate in the Outsound New Music Summit, July 21 - 27! They are part of the "Touch The Gear" portion of the festival.

--- Douglas Benner, circuit building: custom home-brew modular analog synth environment

--- Dr. Martin de Video, circuit bending: Electron P-Funk Dynamic Phase Confabulator, Modified Casio SK-5 w patch bay, & 2MD Transvibrating Symphonic MultiWarble

--- Ari Lacenski, programming: Superpeggio! & Firefox Synth

Also presenting are Joe Lasqo, MAX/MSP artist who performed at the last Noisebridge fundraiser, maker Tom Nunn who conducted an instrument building workshop at the June Noise Hack at Noisebridge, and more!

Johny Radio

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