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Sun Jul 14 02:52:49 UTC 2013

More Noise Orchestra Audio and Video:

June 2013 HacknJam:

Here are the raw hi-def video files from the Noise Hack and Noise Jam, 
June 2013. Unedited, but organized by activity (circuit making with 
Johny Radio, circuit bending with Martin, skatchbox building with Tom 
Nunn, Ari's coding session, and Moldover's midi session). The files can 
be downloaded and used by anyone for anything. You'll get faster 
download speed inside Noisebridge. 

Mexican Noise:

Unplanned Noise Battle between a live mariachi guitarist and Mexican pop 
radio, witnessed at a local taqueria the same weekend as the Noise Jam. 
Titled "Mexican Noise", inside the "Hack" folder.

Jamuary 2013 Jam:

Here are hi-def video and hi-res audio files from the very first Noise 
Jam, Jamuary 2013, including media collected by Lx and Rick: 

(Thank You, Leif, for hooking up my server connection.)

Johny Radio

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