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Johny Radio johnyradio at
Mon Jul 22 00:51:18 UTC 2013

On 7/21/2013 1:04 PM, gaspo lists wrote:
> you get better "sound" from a speaker driven with a square or sawtooth wave than with a sine wave.

sine is the wave i seek, not square or saw. I'm quite familiar with all 
of them, from producting electronic music.

> sine waves "heave" as you say, not very loud, but nice soft sound.

i mean a kind of slow-motion heaving, below 1 hz.

> so if youre just tryin to get speed-of-crank to audio-out,
> a diode or bridge pair of diodes to limit the output
> to a half-wave-DC will be nicer to the amp.

will try this, even tho it won't give me sine. short-term solution :(

> (amp prob does not like reverse current)

please explain

> can only imagine what you're tryin to do there.....

make noise :)


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