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Johny Radio johnyradio at
Thu Jun 27 13:54:38 UTC 2013

Hi Noise Hackers,

At the Noise Jam, we captured hi-res digital recordings from three 
locations in the space. Here are the tapes from two of the recorders. My 
hope is that any peeps out there will marry this hi-def audio with the 
hi-def video (available soon).

I'm working on getting the files uploaded to the Noisebridge servers, so 
you can download them inside Noisebridge at much faster rates. For now 
you can download from the links below. These are raw, unedited, each 
recorded from a different location in the space.

All audio from the Noise Jam is Creative Commons licensed, as 
/"Attribution-ShareAlike": /Anyone can remix, tweak, and build upon 
these recordings, commercially or non-commercially, as long as they 
credit the Noise Orchestra, and license their new creations under 
identical terms.

The files may include extraneous audio, so you may want to skip forward 
to find the beginning of the music.

1st set, Grant:
"This is both performances in one zip file. The level was set a little 
low, but the recordings are 24 bit so it still sounds good after you 
increase the level. I can't wait to see the video with all of the audio 
mixed together!" -Grant, Noise Jam one-stringed Bassic Bass.!R5sDTK6D!I3JgnxjKFVotIcCc03gslnjbzT5LUJhqJwEnSIR7WKI


2nd set, Adam:
"I had it set to 320k mp3 rather than wav so they aren't too big (about 
80mb each)" -Adam, Noise Jam Arduino beast.

the actual performance:

the jam session afterwards:


I'll share mine (the 3rd set) soon as I can upload. It's almost 2 gigs 

Also, will upload the hi-def, full-length video soon. In the meantime, 
you can enjoy this cellphone video from the show, courtesy of Romy:

-- Johny Radio

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