noisystuff: My contrib to Noisebridge BetaRiser: movement/sound/EEG piece

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Fri Mar 15 00:59:13 UTC 2013

Hey Sound-Hacks,

Apologies for x-post, but James suggested I check in with you:

See below for my contrib to Noisebridge fundraiser. Playing with a very
versatile guitarist (sound and info below) and I suspect any of you would
be welcome to join in on our improvised gig: movement / music / sound

Right now we're slated for 8pm on the 30th, with a possible
sound-check/tech at 5pm. It's not important to discuss or arrange for this
beforehand, however, If you have any questions or want to chat, hit me up.

Lastly, there's an upcoming workshop with two of these artists for
sound/noise makers and dancers (together). You'd be welcome to check it
out. Flyer attached. FB event (public) below:
Justin Morrison

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Threads are a mess so adding my piece:

It'd be great to have Church for 20 minutes sometime during the event.
We'll be working with movement, sound, EEG, imagination.

movement: Justin Morrison (SF), Christine Bonansea (SF/France), Katie Duck
sound: Alfredo Genovesi (UK/Amsterdam)


We're bringing a small amp, laptop and EEG hardware. Access to projector a
bonus but not necessary. Your undivided attention welcome but
completely unnecessary.

Let me know if Church is an option, or any mostly clear area >= 10ft^2.

Sounds like a great event. Thanks to James for reluctantly taking point.
Justin Morrison

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