noisystuff: Entertainment for the Fundraiser

James Sundquist sundquistjames at
Fri Mar 29 07:22:19 UTC 2013

Also,  please pack your own extension cords and surge protectors unless you
are informed something is available.  I'm the organizer and I have no clue.

Good night!

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 11:38 PM, James Sundquist
<sundquistjames at>wrote:

> Hey All,
>   Please check this e-mail over carefully and forward to anyone I've
> missed.  rootsrhizing (Thunderground Collective) will be packing in the PA
> at 4pm; I'll trust them to bring some fucking awesome sound to this event.
>  If you think it needs bass, by all means.  This will takes place in a
> public space so we have to assume that there really is nowhere safe to keep
> equipment, much like a concert in a park, etc.  We'll have to create our
> own safe space: to this end I'd like to set a musician's table (Audrey has
> already volunteered to keep an eye on it).
> NoiseJam orchestra will be made up of people who've built their own
> instruments in the space, but I have no idea how many of them there are.
>  Now comes the Trickier part of this thing...
> Assume you'll be responsible for your own:
> Mics, mic adapters/stands, cables, labeling all of your gear, making sure
> you touch base with the sound guys/gals for anything you need.
> Add instruments and amps.  I encourage people to work together if they
> feel willing before we meet at the show.
> Much love to you all!

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