noise: Ron & Michelle Angel at the Nunnery

Tom Nunn tntomnunn at
Sun Oct 6 21:24:16 UTC 2013

Hello Friends – I am hosting a performance by *Ron and Michelle Angel*
on *Thursday,
October 17 at 7:30 p.m. at the Nunnery, $10 donation*.  I (and mystery
guest) will also perform.

Ron and Michelle travel about the country performing and conducting what
they call “Harmonic Immersion” using three large gongs; a unique kind of
performance normally done for a single person.  In addition to these gongs,
Ron will also play his invented instrument, the “Space Plate,” which is a
circular stainless steel plate with bronze rods bolted along the perimeter,
mounted on a revolving base like a lazy Susan.  The rods are bowed and the
bowing technique both sounds the rods and rotates the circular body at the
same time; very unique kind of instrument.

I will join Ron and Michelle in this performance playing the crustacean,
Lukie tubes harmonic rods and bowl (as mentioned, with mystery guest).  It
will be an occasion full of beautiful, liquid, metallic sonorities and
spacious proportions of tonal bliss.  Ron and Michelle will also talk a bit
about their music, their instruments and their idea of “Harmonic Immersion.”

I realize there will have been several performances of interest the prior
week through the Thingamajigs Festival, but if you still have a hunger to
hear some beautiful and interesting sounds, please come by and meet and
hear Ron and Michelle Angel.  My address is 3016 25th Street (btw
Florida/Alabama) in San Francisco.  Hope to see you there!  Tom

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