[Space] Fwd: Missing SpaceBridge G1 phone

Brian Choate brian.choate at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 19:18:50 PDT 2010

Accidentally sent this from my work email, which is not on the SB list

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We seem to be missing one of the G1 phones we use for SpaceBridge. It
should have been in one of the plastic bins on the SpaceBridge shelf
(over by the fire escape).

I am pretty sure it was in the bin before the last launch, but it wasn't
the unit we ended up flying. Maybe it got mixed in with someone's gear
as we were packing up or someone has it to work with it.

Since the last time I saw it I did find the plastic bin that it should
have been in on the bed over by the SpaceBridge shelf. Did someone maybe
see the bin and think it was meant for general hackery? Is it now part
of a giant robot somewhere?

If you have or have seen the G1 floating around the space, please either
let us know you have it or return it to the space bridge shelf.


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