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Júlio César Guedes Antunes juliomoc at hotmail.com
Tue May 31 17:30:21 PDT 2011

Hello my friends,
My name is Júlio, I'm a computer science professor from Brazil. I've been developing with my students the idea of sending our own balloon into space, in a project that I think would greatly enhance the interest for science and phisics here. As you can below, I contacted Blake Barrett, who gave some good info, and directed me here.
I'd like to count with your help to achieve this goal, if at all possible. I have some doubts about the project and the payload. For instance: here I face a serious problem with cell phone coverage - it's most likely that a GPS cell phone won't be able to send me the correct bearings (or useful ones) on the way down. So, I'd like to use an APRS beacon. The problem is that I don't actually know how this APRS+GPS system works. Could you give a hand?
All the best - from Brazil!
Júlio César Guedes Antunes 

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Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 23:38:05 -0700
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   Thanks for contacting me, sorry I'm just now getting back to you, I was on vacation until today.
We are using an HTC G1 as our primary flight computer/GPS/SMS and we have a backup GPS that transmits its location over APRS because the cell phone is generally unreliable as far as connection goes. 

I don't know all the details on the backup GPS, however, if you send an e-mail to our mailing list (Space at lists.noisebridge.net) you're bound to get more information than you would ever care to know about it. 

I'm happy to help your project get "off the ground" any way I can.
Good luck,
blake at blakebarrett.net

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Message: Hi Blake!,,My name is J?lio, I'm a computer science professor from Brazil. I've the blog about your balloon space project, and since I'm trying to do such an experiment with my students, I'd like to know if you could solve some doubts I have. For instance: which kind of tracking device did you use? Is the GPS cell phone operating in high altitudes? What the APRS device for?,,All the best,,J?lio


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