[Tastebridge] CCA+La Cocina Cookbook Memoir Release (Dec 17 @ 18 Reasons Gallery)

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Sat Dec 11 13:55:19 PST 2010

Everyone should choose a partner and hold each others hand. I’m going to count how many persons start here at NB and how many persons arrive at the event. I hope that’s safe enough :]


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that'd be awesome! don't forget to look both ways before crossing the street.

On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 5:00 PM, Patrick Keys <citizenkeys at gmail.com> wrote:

  Noisebridge is only a few blocks away.

  Safety in numbers:
  Maybe a group of us can walk over there together.
  Anybody else that wants to attend, please let me know.
  Lets try to agree on a time to go over there.

  Patrick Keys
  citizenkeys at gmail.com

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