[Tiny-tux] Android Usability Workshop, for the user or the rooter: Jan 15, 2012, 4pm, at Noisebridge

Ben M ben at sixgirls.org
Mon Jan 2 23:30:13 PST 2012

I am an audiophile. The stock android music player is sadly lacking. The 
dsp included in cyanogenmod blew apart anyportable music player I have 
ever had in my life.

That is saying a LOT. It is not suitable for playback in an open space 
stereo but with quality headphones the sound you can get out of a cooked 
rom surpasses anything I have ever heard aside from a direct line out of 
an amp EVER.

I would like to focus for a bit on learning how audio is handled in an 
android device, who wrote the soft dsp for CM7 and how can a motivated 
user control their audio totally?

I am left with going on android developers and searching for roms that 
mostly work. I just want the DSP on mostly stock rooted devices. I want to 
be able to switch on the fly from "wet" to "dry" signals if I am moving 
between headphones and stereo.


On Mon, 2 Jan 2012, Corey McGuire wrote:

> Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2012 20:55:23 -0800
> From: Corey McGuire <coreyfro at coreyfro.com>
> To: NoiseBridge Discuss <Noisebridge-discuss at lists.noisebridge.net>,
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> Subject: [Tiny-tux] Android Usability Workshop,
>     for the user or the rooter: Jan 15, 2012, 4pm, at Noisebridge
> If you can't open it, you don't own it!  How many times have we heard or
> read that?  Doubtless, we've heard it or read it on our most closed and
> inaccessible possessions!   The contracts make us feel like we are renting,
> software that serves the carrier more than the user, but they are ours and
> they should operate under our terms.
> So, I would like to propose that NoiseBridge host an "Android Usability
> Workshop" event where people of all skill levels and personalization
> commitments gather to truly make people feel at home with their devices.
> I invite people to talk about:
>   - Productivity
>   - App selection
>   - App development
>   - Customization
>   - Rooting
>   - ROMs
>   - Spyware, bloatware, nagware, and how to scrap it all
>   - Skirting the the boundaries of the ELUA and getting what YOU want from
>   YOUR device.
> And a personal favorite of mine
>   - Android as an embedded platform
> Among other things, I would like people, before the event, to talk about
> what they want out of their devices.  So, feel free to reply with how you'd
> like to get the most out of your phone!
> How can people help?
>   - If you feel like a resource but are worried about becoming over
>   committed, message me directly and we'll see if there are others with
>   similar or complimentary skills so that no single person is left fielding
>   all the interested users
>   - Tastebridge, care to help FEED people?
>   - Got some friends at Google working on Android?  Anyone from Motorola,
>   HTC, Samsung, etc?  Have a club, a bag, and a locking trunk?  GOOD!  Kidnap
>   them and drag them along!  We have ways to make them talk.
> If people use the book of faces,
> https://www.facebook.com/events/357208274304697/

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