[Tiny-tux] Help de-bricking/flashing OpenWRT on my router?

Eric Price gimballock at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 18:27:51 UTC 2013

Hey guys,

    First time tiny-tux poster here.  I'm a software developer but don't
have a lot of firsthand experience with networking.  To this end I came up
with a project of hosting a simple webpage from a raspberry pi on my home
network.  I got the page up (Raspbian, lighttpd, mysql, php, etc) and can
now visit the page on the local network. From here i got on the tangent of
open source router firmware. I broke out my old WRT350n (v1) from the
closet and read everything I could find about dd-wrt and openwrt.  First I
tried to verify the tftp method of loading firmware before using the web
client 'upgrade firmware' page.  I was never able to connect via the tftp
client but i decided to use the firmware upgrade page anyway... (surprise!
It didn't work).  Now when i plug in the power all I see is the blinking
power light.  I cannot ping the device at all...  I see many pages online
talking about hacking in a serial port or a jtag port but I have no
experience with hardware hacking at all.

Does anyone on here want to take a shot at helping me get this guy working
again, or even just take a look to diagnose the problem)?  I don't have the
cables or even the right port on my laptop (lpt i think). If the router
breaks it's not a big deal, so no pressure.

Thanks, Eric
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